Physical Petrology Lab: Johnson Hall 321
Equipped with computers, printers, whiteboards, journals, a petrographic microscope, space for work, and of course, lava lamps!


Electron Microprobe Lab: Johnson Hall 424 

We have regular access to the ESS
Department’s Electron Microprobe (EMP), a 1986-vintage JEOL 733 equipped with EDS and WDS capabilities. We routinely obtain robust major- and minor-elemental concentrations, backscatter electron images, secondary electron images, and high-quality photographs of samples. The EMP Lab also houses a state-of-the-art carbon-coater. The ESS EMP is maintained by Scott Kuehner, who can answer questions and provide solutions to analytical problems. For more information, visit the EMP page.

Specimen Preparation Lab: Johnson Hall 039A

Maintained by our building coordinator, Dave McDougall. This is where rocks are cut, crushed, washed, and ground to start sample production. Dave will also prepare thin sections if asked nicely! Epoxy mounts for EMP and ICP-MS microanalytical work are prepared and polished here.


Matthes: Johnson Hall 039
We’ve gone through 3 generations of Matthes. Our current computing powerhouse is a 10-node (20 cores) Linux-Beowulf cluster hosted in the ESS server room.

MatthesCompare                       droppedImage

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