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West-central Argentina: Sierra Valle Fertil

The Sierra Valle Fertil is a crustal cross-section of a volcanic arc formed above a subduction zone about 475 million years ago. It is an extraordinary natural laboratory of a juvenile arc that exposes the 'mafic mothership' that drives petrologic diversity in the deep arc environment. This project was from 2008-2015.
Cold day in metapelite canyon
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Kos Plateau Tuff - Greek Islands

The Kos Pleateau Tuff was chosen as a natural laboratory to study the effects of pyroclastic transport over water. It involved fieldwork on four Greek Islands and Turkey. The team included Joe Dufek (his PhD project), Olivier Bachmann, Sharon Allen and Alain Burgisser.
Olivier Bachmann and Joe Dufek, Restaurant Agios Theologos
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Antarctica: Dry Valleys

Feeders and large sills of the Ferrar Large Igneous Province are spectacularly exposed. In Dec. 2004 - Jan. 2005 teh National Science Foundation sponsored an international group to go on a field trip led by Bruce Marsh of the Johns Hopkins University.
C130 loading up in Christchurch
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Various pictures from conferences and field work throughout the years.
Garness Curtis and Burt Slemmons, Sonora Pass, 2004


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